Equipment List for the "Greenville Mill" (1964)

(Monroe County Courthouse, Deed Book 106, p.90-91)

The mill went out of business as a grist mill in 1964 when it was sold by Aaron Canterbury to Harold "Ernie" LaBelle of Bi-Rite Furniture, Inc. in 1964. The deed specified that the milling equipment was to be removed, except for the hoist which was to be used to move furniture from floor to floor. Both of the turbines remained also, and one was used to power the hoist. The deed provides a list of the contents of a gristmill at the end of its life, and this is interesting to compare with the machinery when it was built 106 years earlier (see Contract for Cook's Mill (1857)).

  1. Mixers (2)
  2. Platform scales (2)
  3. Wheat cleaners (2)
  4. Cockeral (=a brand name?) separator & drive
  5. Bran duster
  6. Marvel (brand name) flour mill
  7. Corn sheller
  8. Crusher
  9. Hammer mill & drive
  10. Flour packer & bin
  11. Top runner stone burr mills & drives (2)
  12. Sets of elevator legs, heads, shafts & pulleys (2)
  13. Hog feeders (2)
  14. All felts not used in hoist system, which will be left in building
  15. Wheat bins (2)
  16. Lot lumber & supplies

It is interesting that roller mills are not included in the list. We know from deeds that the mill was referred to as the Greenville Roller Flouring Mills by 1895, and that such equipment was a technological advancement over the stone ground method. There is some indication that the mill acted more as a store than a mill at the end of its career, and that grain processed elsewhere was sold here. If that is the case, it is possible that older equipment was discarded and that the above list represents a remnant of earlier times.

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