The Life of the Rev. Jacob Cook

1763 Born to Valentine and Susanna Cook (Pension Application of Jacob Cook)
1764 Family located on Hawksbill Creek, Rockingham Co.,VA (Chalkly, v.3, p.408)
1773 Family moved to Indian Creek, western VA (Pension App.)
1774 Cook's Fort built on Indian Creek (Pension App.)
1778 Cook's Fort attacked by Indians (Morton, p.45)
1779 Jacob enrolled in a Militia Company as an "Indian Spy" (Pension App.)
1781 Cook's Fort attacked again by Indians (Morton, p.44)
1782 Termination of active militia service (Pension App.)
1784 Jacob helped form first Methodist Society in the areai at the family home (Morton, p. 234)
1787 Member of Greenbrier Militia during this time (Morton, p. 264)
1788 Joined Methodist preacher John Smith on his Greenbrier Circuit (J. Greenbrier Historical Soc., v.1, no.4)
1796 Marriage to Isabella Humphreys (Shuck, 1991)
1797 Inherited 200 acres on his father's death (Greenbrier Co., Will Book 1, p.133)
1797-9 Birth of daughter Polly (Deduced from 1810 census data)
1799 Jacob on committee to establish Monroe Co. (Morton, p.116)
1799-1800 Birth of daughter Sarah (Date derived from gravestone, Greenville Cemetery)
1801-2 Birth of son John Hammon (1860 Census, Madison Co. IN)
1804-5 Birth of daughter Nancy (1850 Census, Madison Co. IN)
1806-7 Birth of son Lorenzo D. (1850 Census, Madison Co. IN)
1807 Jacob disburses land to siblings living in Kentucky as per father's will (Monroe Co., Deed Book B, p. 338)
1808-9 Birth of son Ward (1850, 1880 Census, Madison Co. IN)
1818 Marriage (second) to Rachel Carden (Monroe Co. General Index to Marriages)
1820 Jacob & Rachel donated land for Methodist Episcopal Church (Monroe Co., Deed Book G., p.207
1820-1 Birth of son Riley B. (1850 Census, Monroe Co.)
1821-2 Birth of daughter Caroline (1850 Census, Monroe Co.)
1823-4 Birth of son Jacob A. (1850 Census, Monroe Co.)
1825 Marriage of daughter Polly to James Bell (MC, Gen. Index to Marriages)
1826 Marriage of son John to Margaret Armstrong of Tennessee (1830 Census, Hawkins Co. TN)
1826-7 Birth of son Lewis G. (1850 Census, Monroe Co.)
1831 Marriage of son Lorenzo D. to Ann Vawter (MC, Gen. Index to Marriages)
1831 Marriage of daughter Nancy to John W. Walker (MC, Gen. Index to Marriages)
1833 Daughter Nancy and husband, and perhaps siblings Polly, John and Lorenzo and their families moved to Madison Co. IN at this time (S. Duda, Biographical Memoirs of Hancock Co., IN)
1834 Jacob acquired 116 acres previously disbursed to John McDougal (Monroe Co., Deed Book, p.624)
1834 Jacob suffers from "bodily infirmity" and submits his Pension Application for services during the American Revolution
1842 Marriage of son Ward to Mary Jane Harvey (MC, Gen. Index to marriages)
1844 Jacob died (Gravestone, Greenville Cemetery)
1844 Riley B. Cook inherited the farm and the care of his mother, his brother Jacob A. Cook inherited the mill, and brothers Ward Cook and Lewis G. Cook each inherited land (Monroe Co. Will Book 3)
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