The Life of Riley Brown Cook

1822 Born to Jacob and Rachel Cook, their first child and his seventh, at Indian Creek, western VA ("Cook Family")
1844 Riley inherited the family farm with 136 acres, together with the care of his mother (Will of Jacob Cook)
1849 Marriage to Sydney Isabella Jarrett (Shuck, 1991)
1849 Purchased 6 acres on Indian Creek from Jacob C. Humphreys (Monroe Co., Deed Book P, p.642)
1850 Purchased 172 acres on Buzzards Run from William Lawrence (MC, Deed Book Q, p.368)
1853 Birth of daughter Ellen B. (Monroe Co., Gen. Index to Births)
1855 Birth of son James Jacob (MC, Gen. Index to Births)
1856 Purchased 56 acres near Indian Creek from George B. Mann (MC, DB S, p.408)
1857 Birth of daughter Ruth Gwinn (MC, Gen. Index to Births)
1858 Construction of new mill with brother Jacob A. (MC, Deed Book T, p.319)
1859 Birth of son Henry Valentine (MC, Gen. Index to Births)
1861 Beginning of Civil War
1862? Death of daughter Ellen B. (Shumate et al., gravestone)
1862-4 Served on committee to purchase food and clothing for the relief of indigent soldiers and their families (Morton, p.162-3; Ulaki, 82-6)
1864? Birth of daughter Rachel Ella (RootsWeb)
1865 Birth of daughter Rosa Belle (MC, Gen. Index to Births)
1865 End of Civil War
1867 Purchase of Mill and 96 acres from brother Jacob A. to satisfy debts (MC Deed Book U, p.194)
1867 Purchase of 126 acres from brother Lewis G. to satisfy debts (MC, DB U, p.222)
1868 Sale of interest in the mill to Hinton, Barley & Company (MC, DB W, p.619)
1868 Birth of son Samuel Jarrett (MC, Gen. Index to Births)
1869 Sale of small lot near mill to Henry Butt (MC, DB V, p.73)
1869 Sale of 9 acres on Indian Creek to Robert D. Humphreys (MC, DB V, p.320)
1871? Marriage of son James Jacob to Elizabeth S. Thomas (RootsWeb)
1872 Sued by partner William H. Barley for $561.83 (Monroe Co., Common Law Order Book 3, p.190)
1873? Marriage of daughter Ruth Gwinn to Wilbur C. Ross (Obituary)
1873 Sale of 26 acres near Indian Ck. to John C. Ballard (MC, DB V, p.564)
1873 Sale of 2 acres near mill to Martha C. Butt (MC, DB V, 753)
1874 Sued by partner William H. Barley for $1844.12 (MC, CLOB 3, p.342)
1875 Sale of 48 acres on Indian Ck. to Jane McNeer (MC, DB W, p.402)
1877 Sale of 24 acres on Indian Ck. to Clary R. Chapman (MC, DB W, p. 640)
1877 Sale by Commissioner of home and 136 acres on Indian Ck. to Baldwin Ballard (MC, DB W, p.742)
1877 Sale by Commissioner of 126 acres on Indian Ck. to Samuel Jarrett (MC, DB X, p.345)
1877 Riley and Sydney Isabella moved the family to Pottawatomie Co., KS (Methodist Church records)
1882 Sale of 10 acres on Indian Ck. to Cook family in-law Samuel C. Humphreys (MC, DB X, p.910)
1882 Sale of 6 acres on Buzzards Run to A.H. Humphreys (MC, DB X, p.110)
1895 Riley Brown Cook died in Fort Morgan, CO ("Cook Family")
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