Cook Family References

Original Records

  • A1. Greenbrier County, Will Book 1, p.133-134
  • A2. Greenbrier County, Deed Book 2, p.16-17
  • A3. Monroe County, Deed Book B, p.338
  • A4. Monroe County, Deed Book P, 641-642
  • A5. Monroe County, Deed Book U, p.294
  • A6. Monroe County, Deed Book V, p.721
  • A7. Monroe County, Will Book 3, p.611-614
  • A8. 1850 Monroe County VA (Now WV) Census (Transcribed by Louise B. Perkins)
  • A9. 1860 Census, http:
  • A10. 1850, 60. 80 Census, Madison Co., IN
  • A11. Obituary
  • A12. Methodist Church Records
  • A13. Pension Application
  • A14. 1830 Census, Hawkins Co. TN

Indexes of Original Records

  • B1. Shuck, L., 1991, Greenbrier County Marriages, 1782-1900
  • B2. Humphreys, B., Monroe County Marriages, Bonds, 1799-1850
  • B3. Monroe County, Closed Index to Fiduciary Records
  • B4. Shumate, H.D., Banks, M.N., Shumate, K.G., & Banks, J.W., 1990, Cemetaries of Monroe County, West Virginia, Monroe Watchman, Union WV (Note, Field work shows that the date on Jacob Cook's tombstone is 1844, not 1811 as listed)
  • B5. Monroe County, General Index to Marriages
  • B6. Monroe County, Index to Death Records
  • B7. Monroe County, General Index to Births
  • B8. Shuck, 1989, Greenbrier County Virginia, Personal Property Tax Lists.
  • B9. Humphreys, B., 1988, Early Greenbrier County Marriages, Journal of the Greenbrier Historical Society.
  • B10. Land Office Grants, The Library of Virginia (online service).

Histories and Biographies

  • C1. Morton, O.F., 1916, A History of Monroe County, West Virginia, The McClure Company, Inc., Staunton VA
  • C2. Stevenson, E., 1858, Biographical Sketch of the Rev. Valentine Cook, A.M., J.B. M'Fellin, Nashville TN

Unpublished Materials

  • D1. Klemm, R.I., Days, Deeds and Descendants of Captain Valentine Cook, (unpub. MS)
  • D2. FamilySearch
  • D3.
  • D4. "Cook Family" unpublished document from Cook descendent, Lewis McCullough

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