Events in the Lives of Tullius Ambrose McNeer
& Ada Susan (Broyles) McNeer

Compiled by Fred Ziegler, 12-31-2011

1863, Jul 22 Birth of Tullius Ambrose McNeer, son of John and Elizabeth (Arnot) McNeer ("A Church Record [Methodist] for Monroe Circuit", p.386) in Centerville (now Greenville, WV).
1870, May 22 Birth of Ada Susan Broyles (Roots Web), daughter of Christopher and Amanda Ellen (Mann) Broyles (Fleshman, Jacob Mann Jr., p.106) on a farm on Lick Creek, just off Wikel Rd., Lindside (MC Deed Book U, p.766).
1881, Sep ? Tullius began a teaching job (Loy, 1930's Logan County Information, online). The school was a six mile ride by horseback (Jack Ford, grandson, pers. com.) which would be consistent with the notion that the school in question was the Coulters Chapel School or the nearby Swope School (Guy, Highlights of the History of Monroe County Schools).
1888, Nov 12 Tullius bought adjacent properties of 32+ acres & 6+ acres, described as on the waters Indian Creek near where the Flatwoods Road comes into the Peterstown Road, from James S. Shanklin (MC Deed Book 28, p.131). Note, this tract is 7 miles southeast of Greenville and points to the Swope School or the nearby Coulters Chapel School as the place of his employment.
1889, May 28 Marriage of Tullius Ambrose McNeer and Ada Susan Broyles (MC Marriage Record, p.187) at her home on Wikel Road, one mile north of Coulters Chapel, Lindside (Fleshman, "Jacob Mann Jr.", p.220). The couple moved into Greenville, to judge by the fact that Ada joined Tulius' church in August ("A Church Record [Methodist] for Monroe Circuit") and perhaps lived with family as there is no record of real estate purchase until 1900).
1889, Jun ? Tullius terminated his teaching job (Loy, 1930's Logan County Information, online).
1890, Feb 21
& Jan 24
T.A. & Ada sold the Flatwoods Road properties, 32+ acres to John A. Davis for an undisclosed amount (MC Deed Book 29, p.133) and 6+ acres to John H. Comer for $36 (MC Deed Book 29, p.168).
1890, Aug 16 Birth of daughter Gracie (Ada McNeer family Bible), or Grace Eugena (Roots Web).
1892, Feb 24 Birth of daughter Mabel Ellen (Ada McNeer family Bible).
1893, Jun 21 Tullius Obtained a loan for $51 from William Houchins for the benefit of the firm of "Mitchell and McNeer" (MC Trust/Deed Book 2 p.457). Note, Tullius is known to have operated a mercantile business in the old upper store building (History of Greenville, p.14) and this loan seems to be the only reference to the store in the county records. This store was torn down in recent years and was located two doors west of the modern "Country Store" on route 122 in Greenville. It has been described as a big long building with an apartment on the second story (Nancy Ballard, pers. com.). A picture of the structure can be found on page 453 of Coal Camps and Castor Oil (Hometown Memories Publishing Company).
1894. Apr 13 Tullius became postmaster for Greenville and the office was moved to his mercantile business (History of Greenville, p.14).
1896, Apr 28 Birth of son, Theodore Everett (Ada McNeer family Bible).
1897, Oct 4 Death of father, John McNeer (Shumate et al., Cemetaries of Monroe County, WV, p.195).
1897, Oct 27
& Nov 6
Tullius bought the Greenville Roller Mills from two owners, C.M. Via for $1400 and E.L.Dunn for $3200 (MC Deed Book 33, pp.409-410).
1897, Nov 30 Tullius' term as postmaster ended (History of Greenville, p.14).
1898, Sep 4 Birth of Daughter M. Lucille (Ada McNeer family Bible), or Mary Lucille (Roots Web)
1899, Oct 17 Tullius bought Indian Creek property, 28 acres, from Minnie Pence for $400 and sold it almost immediately, on Oct. 19, to A.H. Humphreys for the same amount (MC Deed Book 34, p.551, 552). Note, the meaning of this transaction is unclear, but see the May 27, 1903 transaction below.
1900, Jul 19 T.A. & Ada bought Lot 15 in Greenville, from uncle James W. & aunt Carrie McNeer for $175 (MC Deed Book 35, p.280). Apparently this is the lot on which Tullius built his house (History of Greenville, p.14). The house was located on the east side of School Street between the corner of Main Street and the school, and burned in 1994 (Nancy Ballard pers. com.). It was a beautiful old house, according to Nancy.
1900, Aug 6 Birth of son, Horace A. (Ada McNeer family Bible), or Horace Ambrose (A Church Record [Methodist] for Monroe Circuit, p.352).
1902, Jan 1 Tullius sold part of the mill property, House and Lot "where Julia Wood lives", to Julia Wood (MC Deed Book 38, p.522). Note, the tract is described as from the "end of foot bridge to Indian Creek and between Laurel Creek and Road". This lot is across the millpond from the mill and the deed notes that the tract should revert to the Mill owner eventually.
1903, May 27 Ada McNeer, alone, bought Indian Draft Properties, about 40 acres from Samuel Terry and about 30 acres from Rosa A. and C.E. Humphreys for $60, "paid in store goods" (MC Deed Book 37, p.417 & p.433) and sold it almost immediately on Jun 5 to Joel & Jennie Ballard (MC Deed Book 37, p.628). Note, Indian Draft is about one mile west of Greenville. Evidently, this transaction was to satisfy debts owed to the McNeers.
1903, Jun 13 T.A. & Ada sold an easement to the Town of Greenville for a water line extending from Spruce Hill to a public watering place (MC Deed Book 37, p.500). Note, this right-of-way crossed where the McNeers lived, so must refer to Lot 15.
1905, Jan 2 T.A. & Ada sold the Greenville Roller Mills, to J. Nelson Harris in exchange for a farm in Crozet, Va, plus $900 (MC Deed Book 38, p.486). Note, Crozet is 11 miles to the west of Charlottesville, in the foothills of the Blue Ridge. TA worked as a traveling shoe salesman while living in Virginia (Jack Ford, pers. com.)
1905, Jan 16 The McNeers sold their home, Lot 15 in Greenville, to Rosa A. Humphreys for $400 (MC Deed Book 38, p.604).
1905, Jul 15 A.W.Miller owed money to T.A. McNeer and promised to repay it by Oct 1 (MC Trust/Deed Book 5, p.279) Note, Security for this loan was 2 cows and I bay horse 6 years old!
1907, Apr Death of mother, Elizabeth McNeer in Greenville (MC Index of Death Records).
1907 T.A. & Ada moved the family from Virginia to S. Greenfield, Missouri (Frances Scott, Granddaughter, pers. com.)
1909 The family moved again, this time to Crescent, Logan County, Oklahoma (Jack Ford, pers. com.) where Tullius established a mercantile business, "T.A. McNeer & Co." (Loy, 1930's Logan County Information, online). Crescent is about 30 miles north of Oklahoma City.
1936, Dec 25 Death of Tullius A. McNeer after hitting his head in a fall (Shari Smith, pers. com.).
1959, Feb 27 Death of Ada S. McNeer after a series of strokes (Shari Smith, pers. Com.).
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