The Life of Valentine Cook (a.k.a. Felty Koch)

1721? Father John Hamilton Cook marries Elizabeth Eaton in Yorkshire, England (RootsWeb)
1729 Birth of brother Jacob (RootsWeb)
1730? Birth of Valentine (Klemm)
Family moves to London
1736? Death of father (date deduced from Stevenson, 1858, p.11)
1737 Remarriage of Mother to William Sly (Klemm, FamilySearch)
Family settles in Amsterdam, Holland and Valentine, now "Felty Koch", and brother were educated in German and English (Stevenson, p.11)
Valentine & brother later move to York, PA, perhaps as indentured servants (Inferred from Chalkley, Vol. II, 1912, p.224)
1751? Marriage to Swiss immigrant Susannah Baughman (originally Buchman) (RootsWeb)
1751? Birth of son Adam (RootsWeb)
1754 Brother-in-law Henry Baughman builds fort on the Greenbrier River, near present-day Alderson, WV (Baughman, 1994, The Webster Independent, p.4)
1755? Birth of son David (RootsWeb)
1755 Brother-in-law Henry is killed in massacre at his fort (Baughman, ibid.)
1759 Valentine and family now living in Augusta Co., VA (now Rockingham Co.), to judge by records he was at a public auction (Chalkley, vol. III, 1912, p.57)
1759? Birth of son John (RootsWeb)
1763? Birth of daughter Christina (RootsWeb)
1763 Birth of son Jacob (Pension App.)
1764 Family living on 170 acre tract on Hawksbill Creek, Augusta Co., (now Rockingham Co.) VA, adjacent to Baughman relatives (Chalkley, Vol. III, 1912, p.408)
1765? Birth of son Valentine, Jr. (RootsWeb)
1769 Birth of son Henry (Cook family Bible--see Klemm)
1770 Survey of 170 acre tract on Hawksbill Ck. recorded (Kaylor, reprinted 1991, p.60)
1770 Birth of son William (RootsWeb)
1773 Valentine moves family to 650 acre tract on Indian Creek (Pension App. of Jacob Cook) and Baughman relatives locate nearby on 287 acre tract (Morton, p.81)
1773 Valentine sued by neighbor James Byrnside on Feb. 12 (Botetourt Co., Court Order Book 3A, p.110)
1773 Valentine collects $1.50 bounty on "Woolf" (Botetourt Co., COB 3B, p.321)
1774 Valentine buys "sundries" at Mathew's Trading Post on the Greenbrier (J. Greenbrier Historical Society, vol.IV, no.4, p.29)
1774 Valentine and neighbors build Cook's Fort on Indian Creek (Pension App. of Jacob Cook)
1774 Valentine and son David participate in Dunmore's War at Point Pleasant (Virginia Payrolls and Public Service Claims, 1775)
1775 Sale of Valentine and Susanna's property on Hawskbill Creek recorded (Chalkley, vol. III, 1912, p.408)
1778 Cook's Fort and Donnaly's Fort attacked by Indians (Morton, p.44-45)
1780 Marriage of daughter Christina to Philip Hammon at Cook's Fort (Klemm)
1781 Indians raid Indian Creek Area again (Morton, p.44)
First mill perhaps built about this time
1782 Sons David & John move to Lincoln Co., Kentucky with Baughman cousins (Virginia Land Office Grants)
1783 Daughter Christina & family move to Fayette Co., Kentucky (RootsWeb)
1783-6 Valentine was in the business of selling "spirituous liquors" (Shuck, 1988, Greenbrier Co. (West) Virginia Records, vol. I, pp.123, 169)
1784 Valentine ordered to "clear and repair" a section of road along Indian Creek (Shuck, 1988, ibid., p.145)
1787? Son Valentine, Jr. leaves home for studies at Methodist Cokesbury College, MD (Stevenson, 1858, p.19)
1789 Valentine adds 260 acres to his tract on Indian Creek (MC, Survey Book 3, p.314)
1793 Valentine adds another 136 acres to his tract making the total "1050 acres" (MC, Survey Book 3, p.314)
1796 Marriage of son Jacob to Isabella Humphreys (Shuck, 1991)
Valentine builds powder mill with neighbor Robert Ritchie (Will)
1797 Valentine dies (Will)
Widow Susanna inherits farm & mill but moves to Kentucky to be with children (Klemm)
Son Jacob inherits the farm & mill, the latter apparently by default
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